UrbanArtt Civic 4-Bolt SCS Clamp Arctic Blue
59,95 €

UrbanArtt Civic 4-Bolt SCS Clamp Arctic Blue

59,95 €

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It might look familiar, with the origins of the new Civic SCS clamp inspired from the previous Cyro and Primo clamps, but this baby, in time, will create its own identity and forge its own reputation as a rock solid, modern reliable clamp that won’t let you down.


Weight: 185 grams (257 grams with hardware).

Material: 6061-T6 Aluminium.

Height: 84mm.

Clamp bolts: M8.

Allen Bolt size: 6mm.

Compatibility: Standard and Oversize, shim provided.

Features: CNC logo, integrated dust cover.

Go for the ultimate clean looking clamp or the one with the highest compatibility, your choice, with this Cyro SCS clamp that is packed with options As a unique thing, this clamp is available in a "mini" version that is only compatible with standard sized bars. This gives it a very clean look when mounted. If that is not your thing, the classic combo of oversized/standard compatibility is still up for grabs, with the oversized version that comes with a shim. Lightened where possible, strengthened where needed

  • You get a low weight clamp thanks to a carefully thought out design, that still has plenty of strength left for it to be a durable clamp
  • Strength also comes from the inserted steel threads, that have far better durability and clamping power over regular threads cut directly into the aluminum
Spaudimo sistema (kompresija): SCS
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