ROOT Industries Type R Rocket Fuel 110
152,10 €
169,00 €

ROOT Industries Type R Rocket Fuel 110

152,10 €
169,00 €

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Step into the wonderful world of Root Industries with a complete Type R pro scooter

Merging all the great ideas that came from their first batch of complete scooters is the Type R complete scooters made by Root. Slay the street-spots or tear a sick line through the skatepark, the Type R is ready for anything.

Innovative, Functional, and Affordable

Root Industries has combined a wicked bunch of aftermarket parts to hit a sweet spot between affordability and functionality

The construction is rideable by all, from beginner to advanced

Compressed with Roots super smooth IHC compression

Total height: 82.5cm
Compression type: IHC
Wheel diameter: 110mm
Weight: 3600g
Bar width: 550mm
Headset type: Integrated 1 1/8"
Fork type: Threadless
Material: Aluminum 6061
Deck design: One-piece
Deck length: 50cm (19.7")
Deck width: 12.2cm (4.8")
Dropout Shape: Peg-cut
Headtube angle: 82.5°
Concave: Yes
Fork design: One-piece
Bar material: Chrome steel
Bar height: 580mm
Bar outer diameter: 32mm (Regular)
Clamp size: Double
Wheel profile: Flat
Wheel hardness: Not Specified
Wheel hub width: 24mm
Core material: Aluminum
Core design: Spoked
Axle diameter: 8mm
Bearing precision: Not specified
Brake type: Flex Fender
Assembly: Partly assembled
Ratukų skersmuo: 110 mm
Medžiaga: Aliuminis
Spaudimo sistema (kompresija): IHC
Svoris: 3,6
Vairo aukštis: 58
Vairo plotis: 55
Vairo tipas: Y forma
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