Ethic Lindworm V4 Deck 150 W 580 L Black
239,00 €
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Ethic Lindworm V4 Deck 150 W 580 L Black

239,00 €


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The Ethic Lindworm V4 5.9" is a high performance pro scooter deck. Get ready to conquer the streets thanks to the box-cut shape of this deck, which offers you stable grinds, more foot space for landings and no need for pegs. This Ethic scooter deck is compatible with most modern wheel sizes, fitting up to 125mm wheels. Furthermore, aside from the regular 24mm wheel hub width, you get all the necessary hardware to mount wider 30mm wheel hubs to this deck.

It is available in a few different lengths - remember to pick the one suiting your size and needs the best.

  • If you are looking for versatility with tricks and enough space for comfortable landings, then pick a deck length 21.25''
  • However, the long 22.84" deck should be your choice if you are a larger rider or prefer street tricks

The width of 5.9" is perfect for the streets: feel free to launch those big heel or tail whips with more stability and easier landings

  • Deck spacers for centering the rear wheel are included with this deck
  • Headtube angle of 83.5° will allow more pop and bigger bars, plus bar spins will be more manageable
  • A concave top design helps you to stay in control of your tricks thanks to the enhanced grip
  • Includes a flex fender brake that curves around the wheel and provides a strong braking power
  • You don't need to buy a grip tape separately as it is included with the deck
  • Compatible with both regular axles and also the thicker 12STD ones, which are the new standard from Ethic - 12STD means a 12mm axle
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