Eagle Supply Radix Team Core Black/Yellow 115 x 30
24,50 €
35,00 €

Eagle Supply Radix Team Core Black/Yellow 115 x 30

24,50 €
35,00 €

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Komplekte 2 vnt ratukų su guoliais. Skermuo - 115 mm. Ratuko plotis - 30 mm.

Eagle Supply Wheels: Radix DTM Hollowtech Core Medium Wheels

The DTM core is another of our UNIQUE designs where we combine OUR original invention of the Hollowtech cores with our spoked cores.

Our new Radix Line that will set the new standard again and will change the scooter sport for ever; like we did before...

The 30mm wide wheels will replace the 24mm inline skate size wheels as it will give the user more grip, more angle, more control and more air time!

Hand poured in Holland with urethane according to our own developed formulas.

• Size: 115mm
• Width: 30mm
• Hardness: Medium - 88a ("Just a little harder than the standard 86a" Good for a smooth fast ride in most conditions.
• Core: DTM Hollowtech Aluminium
• Bearings: Eagle Performance 608 RS
• Anodised Black
• Available in various colours

Each Model comes with its own Hardness in Urethane:

• Soft (86a): Just Softer than “Standard” Hardness for a Smooth ride with Super high grip

• Medium (88a): Equal to the Standard Hardness (86a)

• Hard (90a): Just Harder than the” Standard” Ideal for Warmer places and smooth surfaces like in skate parks.

(Standard Hardness 86a)

Ratukų skersmuo: 115 mm
Ratukų plotis: 30 mm
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