UrbanArtt Civic wheels 110mm
45,00 €

UrbanArtt Civic wheels 110mm

45,00 €

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The UA Civic wheel has been designed to handle high impacts and lateral stress. The thicker PU offers a softer feel on those big drops but still provides a good balance of speed and durability. It has a wider contact patch than many other wheels with the same width which will give you greater control and grip. We have kept the weight down by a full CNC two-piece hollow core technology rather than traditional extrusion. The design detail is incredible, the compatibility is excellent by maintaining standard 24mm wheel cores on both sizes. Finished with a solid set of high impact, yet smooth rolling bearings. The wheel colours are coordinated with our Civic grips and grip tapes to enable the creation of awesome custom completes!


Height: 110mm.

Width: 24mm.

Bearing core: 24mm.

Weight: 228g / 8.04Oz.

Core Material: 6061-T6 Aluminium.

PU: A Grade 88A Super High rebound.

Bearing: UA lateral bearings.

Axle Size: 8mm.

Are you looking to upgrade the level of grip and control you get with your scooter wheels? Subtle on looks and heavy on tech. The Original wheels provide strength in bunches and they grip like a tiger. And in this 12STD version you get that added traction, you may have been seeking. Hollowcore design lightens the looks and the weight.
  • The Original wheels are created with a strong hollowcore design.
  • Hollowcore means a solid looking core with great lightweight properties.
Tried and tested rubber formula grips, grabs and rebounds like a charm.
  • UrbanArtt has been using the C Formula PU type on a couple of series now. And the formula is known for providing techy riders with an ample amount of grip and rebound.
  • C Formula equals an 88A durometer which is perfect for hugging into street spots.
Ready to Rock - Straight out the box.
  • These Original wheels are already mounted with Boost bearings and V6 spacers.
  • They are sold as a set of two wheels, so you can update both front and back at the same time.
Insiders tips.
  • Cleanliness is next to godliness - Or at least this is true when it comes to keeping your scooter dialed and smooth running. So after your done shredding for the day, remember to wipe down your scooter.
  • You may want to check your axles when you dismount the old wheels and upgrade these as well.
  • This is the 12 STD version, which means that these wheels are 125mm x 30mm - And they are only meant to be used with the 12STD axles with a 12mm thickness.
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