HIC/ICS Addict Switchblade L (Black)
65,00 €

HIC/ICS Addict Switchblade L (Black)

65,00 €

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Switchblade L Fork (ICS/HIC Compatible)

Addict has always turned the gears with a family effort, from the streets to your local store. With the DNA of a shredders mind we're alike and stick together.

This fork shreds! It is strong, stiff, long lasting and perfect for demanding riders.

The Threaded Insert at the top of the fork uses 8mm Hardware. (8mm Bolt Supplied)

Fork has integrated spacers and fit 24mm and 30mm wheels.

HiC Shim not Supplied.

Material: Aluminium 6068 Cold Forged and CNC’D

Weight: 335 Grams

Steerer Length: 170 mm

Included 24mm & 30mm Spacers for Standard & Radix Wheel Compatibility

Engraved Addict Logo

Designed in France

Made on Earth by Humans

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