SCS Blunt / Envy SOB V3 - Teal
90,00 €

SCS Blunt / Envy SOB V3 - Teal

90,00 €

The Blunt Envy SOB SCS V3 Threadless Scooter Fork is perfect for any rider wanting to upgrade their existing complete scooter to a standard scooter setup with SCS compression. We will price match any retailer.

Blunt are always on the ball when it comes to designing the best parts and here we have another wonder to add to their collection, the new Blunt S.O.B V3 SCS Threadless fork. 

Specification, Compatibility & Technical Details:

Compatible Compression: SCS but can be used for HIC with an HIC Kit

Fork Weight: 283 grams

Maximum Fitted Wheel Size: 125mm

Maximum Fitted Wheel Width: 24mm

Fork Length: 135mm / 5.3 inches

Fork Type: Threadless

Material Used: Aluminium

Crown Race Included: Yes

Top Cap Included: No

Hardware Included: Yes

Fork Offset: Degrees

Axle Included: 8mm diameter

Compression System Included: No

Bolt Included: 35mm length

Spaudimo sistema (kompresija): SCS
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