Triad Infraction V2 110 (Blue/Black/Medusa)
169,96 €
199,95 €

Triad Infraction V2 110 (Blue/Black/Medusa)

169,96 €
199,95 €

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Naujiena Lietuvoje - Triad Infraction V2. Unikalus, lengvas ir tvirtas modelis. Vairo aukštis net 60 cm, o svoris tik 3.48 kg.

The Infraction V2 is the perfect scooter for anyone who is a little smaller and looking to get into the trick aspect of scootering or just wants a scooter that will last. The Triad Medusa deck, sealed & integrated headset, super soft Oath Bermuda grips and the 2 in 1 brake system that will get the younger ones accustomed to attempting tricks in no time. Rocking a pair of Oath Shadow IHC forged and CNC forks with the Oath Vanguard 26mm wide wheels for extra grip and durability. The 4130 Cro-mo Butted “T” bars are lightweight and ideal for learning tricks. Coming in a range of 3 different colours to choose from!


Triad Medusa 4.3” x 20” (110 x 505mm) deck, sealed front and rear deck inserts

Triad V2 Fend Off 2 in 1 fender/brake system

Oath Shadow IHC 6061 T6 Aluminium forged and CNC fork

Oath Vanguard 11mm x 26mm Wheels

Butted Steel bars

The Delinquent has been purpose built to be lightweight and robust for riders serious about developing their tricks. It is the ultimate scooter for riders seeking to take there riding to the next level. Incorporating our aluminium Smuggler bar to reduce overall weight and Oath forged fork and clamp combination to increase strength and longevity. The wider Oath Bermuda wheel provides more grab to the ground, offering greater support to the rider. KEY FEATURES Triad Medusa Twin Tube 4.7” x 20” (120 x 505mm) Deck, Sealed front & rear deck inserts Triad Smuggler 7003 T5 Aluminium with forged gussets W 21” x H 23.5” (540 x 600mm) Triad Fend Off fender/brake system Oath Shadow IHC 6061 Aluminium T6 forged and CNC fork 120mm x 26mm Oath Bermuda Wheels

Ratukų skersmuo: 110 mm
Vairo aukštis: 60
Vairo plotis: 54
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