Core Split Pink 7.75" riedlentė
49,99 €
59,99 €

Core Split Pink 7.75" riedlentė

49,99 €
59,99 €

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  • Material: 7 ply maple double-kick
  • Concave: Deep concave with Double Kick
  • Deck: 31x7.75 inch
  • Trucks: 5’’ CORE Aluminum Gull Trucks
  • Bearings: CORE ABEC-7 Chrome Bearings
  • Bushings: PU 95A
  • Wheels: 54mm X 36mm PU car line wheel 100A
  • Griptape: 80AB Grip with Logo cut out
  • Max Weight: 100kg        

The CORE Complete Skateboard is perfect for hitting up your local skatepark for a session. We grew up in skateparks and have been through our fair share of skateboards over the years. Using our years of expertise and experience we set out to create a great all-round ready to roll skateboard that wouldn't break the bank! 

Designed for beginners/intermediate riders the CORE skateboard comes pre-built and is ready to roll, no assembly required. Made from 7ply preased maple this skateboard is super strong and durable and will be able to handle whatever you throw at it whilst your in the skatepark or cruising down the street. 

One of the most important components of the skateboard is the wheels! We have chosen the best size for skatepark riding 54mm/100a. These wheels are big enough to give you a smooth ride on transitions and eliminate excess shock when riding. Combined with our Chrome ABEC 7 bearings your wheels are going to be super smooth whilst riding allowing you to focus on your tricks. 

Our 7 ply maple deck has a pro-grade concave to allow you to easily learn and perfect your tricks. Often overlooked on cheaper end skateboards making it hard to progress, we wanted to ensure this skateboard has a great concave allowing you to get that nice pop. If your looking for your new skateboard, look no further!

Dydis: 7.75" (19.685 cm)
Decko ilgis: 31.00" (78.74 cm)
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